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Panda Week – Chinese Summer Camp


First time organized Chinese Panda Camp for kindergarten kids and junior school students on 19th – 23rd June 2017 at Agóra turned out to be a great success in Szeged.

June 29, 2017

Due to professional kindergarters and native Chinese teachers, kids could learn a lot about Chinese language as well as had the chance to get acquainted with Chinese culture. Besides numerous colorful and playsome games, kindergarten kids could listen and learn such interesting facts about China such as the Great Wall of China, Chinese celebrations and customs, and about the giant panda.

Although children mastered the way how to count in Chinese, they even learnt several interesting says and songs in Chinese. In addition they could also participate in many creative, handicraft activities such as Beijing mask painting, making panda plate, coloring Chinese flag, and writing/coloring postcards.

Besides indoor activities, kids had the opportunity to take part in sportive, outdoor activities such as shuttlecock and folkdance. In addition they also had ice-cream, played on the playground several times, and last but not least visited the Szeged Zoo in order to visit the red panda.

At the end of the camo, a Farewell Party was held where everyone got a certificate and a present from SZTE Confucius Institute.

Next year again we welcome everyone to join our Panda Camp!

We gonna be there, and what about YOU?!. ;-)

Patrícia Csóti