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The University of Szeged (SZTE) also participated in the 2020 European Confucius Institute Forum


Annual accounts and preparations for the forthcoming year were held online by the European Confucius Institutes. The leaders of the University of Szeged also took part in the meeting. We learned that the only Chinese online language exam in the country was held at the SZTE Confucius Institute in Szeged.

December 21, 2020

On 17 December 2020, successes, results and plans were shared by the directors of Chinese and foreign universities operating in the European region, as well as the directors of the institutes at the online forum where Prof. Dr. László Rovó, Rector of SZTE, Dr Tamás Bene, Director of International and Public Relations, Chinese and Hungarian Director of SZTE Confucius Institute, Wang Lei and Richard Mohr also took part.

So far every year, the Confucius Institutes have also held regional- and international world wide meetings. This year was special as these meetings could have only taken place online due to the pandemic situation - we learned from Richard Mohr. The Hungarian director of the Institute said that although they are over a very difficult year, they are proud that Chinese language teaching has been going on online and offline in primary schools, and also told that the country's only online HSK Chinese language exam was held in the summer at SZTE Confucius Institute. Candidates, including two professors from SZTE, also passed the language exam online.