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"Liu Zhi: Cooking anddecorating Chinese foods" lecture on 15 May


Within the confines of the lecture, Liu Zhi, chef at the Chinese Great Wall restaurant, tries to describe and give an account of the nearly 5000 years old Far-East gastro culture.

April 23, 2014


After his brief account, he continues the lecture by emphasizing the great importance of the art of decorating Chinese food. He introduces the proper making and serving of Chinese foods. After finishing the Chinese cold dish, guest are welcomed to taste different kind of Chinese foods made by the chef. During the event, Gergely Huszár musician will be playing on his guitar.


Liu Zhi the founder of Gasztúra Kultúr Klub, chef at the Chinese Great Wall restaurant. He not only introduces the special foods of his motherland, China, but also organizes Chinese cooking courses in his restaurant.


The lecture is held in Hungarian!

Time: 15 May 2014 (Thursday) 17: 30

Venue: SZTE Rector’s Office Room V.