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“One Belt And One Road” in My Eyes Essay and Speech Contest

Speech contest

The purpose of the “One Belt And One Road” in My Eyes Essay and Speech Contest is to provide Hungarian college students with an opportunity to share their own fabulous stories with “One Belt And One Road” and create a platform for communication and exchange of ideas. In order to enhance the understanding of the “One Belt And One Road” and gain better promotion and inheritance of the “One Belt And One Road” initiative.

August 30, 2018

The Contest is organized by the ELTE Confucius Institute, supported by other Confucius Institutes of Hungarian universities, and sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Hungary.


Based on the theme of “One Belt And One Road”, various fields of topics can be chosen: business and trade, humanity or culture, Chinese traditional medicine, etc.


Qualification for Participation: Hungarian College Students under 35 years old

Language of the Essay and Speech contest: English

Time and venue: 18 October 2018 (Thursday), ELTE Confucius Institute


Date and time arrangement of the Contest

The contestants should submit the English Speech drafts (including the audio files of the draft) to the email of the director of ELTE Confucius Institute:, and CC to the Education Office, Chines Embassy in Hungary: and to SZTE Confucius Institute:

The deadline of submission of draft and audio file is September 10, 2018.


The judges will select 15 excellent contestants to participate in the speech contest. Both excellent contestants and other participating contestants who have submitted the speech drafts will be informed about the time and precautions of the final Contest.