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SZTE Road Show at József Attila High School in Makó


On November 6th 2017, Monday, the Confucius Institute at the University of Szeged participated at SZTE Road Show for High School Students at József Attila High School in Makó.

November 15, 2017


Our Confucius Institute was represented by Weng Yaqing (Maggie) voluntary teacher who explained the reasons why it is worth to study Chinese language, how to register for the Chinese language courses through Neptun online system at the University of Szeged as well as the most important advantages of learning Chinese language and culture. Moreover, she also demonstrated the relevant workbooks and language exam preparatory books usually used at our university courses by our native Chinese language teachers.

Consequently, we can tell that high school students were attracted by Chinese professional courses, asking a lot of related questions. Ms. Weng Yaqing believes that the Road Show organized by the University of Szeged was an excellent way to increase the students interest in studying Chinese language and culture not only on high school level but also on higher education level.