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„Gateway to Health” conference and exhibition in Budapest

Egészség Kapuja konferencia

On 19th and 20th June 2017 Hungary was honored that Budapest could host the Gateway to Health exhibition and related conference with the participation of China and 16 CEE countries on which the University of Szeged and SZTE Confucius Institute were also represented.

June 26, 2017

Nowadays health industry, which has been one of the most dynamically developing economic sectors, has been characterized -- besides fierce global market competition -- by strong demand for international cooperation. Therefore in Hungary’s international relations it is a primary goal to promote further cooperation in the field of health industry and economy.

Egészség Kapuja konferencia

On the occasion of this forum Liu Yan Dong, Vice Premier of State Council of China and Li Pin, Minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China took an official visit to Hungary who together with Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister and Zoltán Balogh, Minister of Human Resources officially opened the ceremony of the 3rd CEEC-China Health Ministers’ Meeting which had four main topics: public health programs, cooperation between hospitals, health policy research – social insurance systems and traditional Chinese medicine.

Egészség Kapuja konferencia

The China - CEE conference and exhibition aims to promote multilateral cooperation within the framework of the "One belt, one road" initiative. In this means the main aim is to create a modern kind of ‘Silk Road’ which promotes the economic integration of China, Asia and Europe with the development of infrastructure as well as commercial and investment enhancement. Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy also highlighted: “health is one of the basic pillars of development; therefore healthcare also contributes to economic development”.

On the one hand Prof. Dr. Katalin Nagy, Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs represented the University of Szeged at the conference organized with the participation of China and 16 Central and eastern European countries, while on the other hand the University on the exhibition was represented by the SZTE Confucius Institute, Foreign Students Educational Center, Health-Economy Institute and the Directorate for Public Relations.

Egészség Kapuja konferencia

On 19th June 2017 (Monday) Richárd Mohr and Zhang Lin, directors of Confucius Institute at University of Szeged attended a meeting and symposium organized for Hungarian Higher Education leaders where they had the honor to personally meet Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of State Council of China.

On 20 June 2017 (Tuesday) the Millenáris Park had hosted the “Gateway to Health” exhibition where people were not only interested in health industry, but also in Chinese language education turned out to be a great point of interest.