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Confucius Teahouse - „A thought for food”

Konfuciusz teaház

On 6 April 2017, Thursday, 5 p.m., within the joint organization of SZTE Confucius Institute and Szeged Public Coffee House, Confucius Tea House took place where Cao Zheng Yin Joy, owner of Wok n’ Go restaurant, gave a lecture.

April 11, 2017


Within the confines of the lecture entitled „A thought about food”, guests could learn more about the extraordinary life story of Cao Zheng Yin Joy, better known as Uncle Joy.

Among many other topics, the restaurant owner had talked about why his family had finally decided to settle down and start a new life in Hungary. Since there is a huge cultural difference between the two countries, the subject of dual identity and the question of how his Chinese family could integrate to Hungarian society came up as an interesting topic. Last but not least Uncle Joy talked enthusiastically about Chinese and Hungarian foods.

Our next Confucius Tea House takes place on 5 May 2017 (Friday) 5 p.m. at the Ceremony Hall of Rector’s Office, and our guest is Matura Tamás, assistant professor at Budapest Corvinus University.

The lecture is entitled as “The great Chinese gear-shifting”.