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Chinese Kaleidoscope - Literary translation: bridge between China and Hungary

Konfuciusz teaház - Vendég: Kalmár Éva műfordító

On 21 February, 2017, from 5.00 p.m. our next guest will be Éva Kalmár, in our lecture series, in Kaleidoscope of China. She is a sinologist, translator, editor, university and college instructor.

February 08, 2017


Her field of expertise is Chinese theater history, she is a very acknowledged interpreter, who transleted several contemporary Chinese novels. She started her university studies in 1956 at Beijing University of Chinese Language and Literature and graduated in 1963.


Since 1979, she has worked as an editor at Európa Könyvkiadó, where published the Eastern literature (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mongolian, Korean, etc) for 15 years. More, than 50 books connecting to her name in the editing.


We warmly welcome everyone!


Time: 21 May (Tuesday) 17.00

Venue: Rector’s Office, Ceremonial Hall