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Chinese Film Days in Belvárosi Cinema


Welcome all visitors on 17th March 2017, at 5.00 p.m. to the Belvárosi Cinema in Szeged, where Chinese Film Days will be opened by the Confucius Institute. We will waiting for illustrious guests to the opening ceremony as well.

March 06, 2017

From 17th to 19th, you can see three Chinese films in historical and drama topics. The event starts with A Mongilian tale after the opening ceremony.

Every film be in Chinese, with Hungarian subtitle.

You can see the exact programme on the homepage of Belvárosi Cinema.

We are waiting for you!


amongoliantaleposterA Mongolian tale


Directed By: Xie Fei

Runtime: 103 mins

Cast: Tengger, Naren Hua

This beautiful film would like to presents the beauties of nomadism lifestyle, however we can see the power of togetherness and forgiveness.



Song of TibetSong of Tibet


Directed By: Xie Fei

Runtime: 104 mins

Cast: Zhou Tiehai, Laqiong, Dawangdui, Danzengzhuoga

A young girl, named Dawa, will return back to their grandparents, because her grandfather is sick. Meanwhile, she takes care from him, her grandmother tells a story about her earlier life and from romantic releationships with other men.



Lake of SoulsLake of souls


Directed By: Xie Fei

Runtime: 106 mins

Cast: Xiang Er Sao, Huanhuan, Ren Zhongshi, Que Er Shu, Jin Hai, Dun Zi, Da-ting girl, Nanny

Xiang a very diligent woman, who has a sesame oil manufacturing company. Her husband a drunkard, and she has a disabled son. A Japhanese woman invested into her company, and Xiang will be very rich. But, she has to be realize, she can not to buy happiness with money.