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2017 SISU Summer Camp Scholarship


February 27, 2017

2017 SISU Summer Camp Scholarship


1. Name of the program

SISU Summer Camp


2. The content

In general, the "Shanghai International Studies University Summer Camp" program will provide Chinese language courses, Chinese cultural courses such as paper cutting, calligraphy, ink painting, tea, martial arts, etc., and also some colorful exchange activities such as get-together between Chinese and foreign students, homestay, some cultural experience activities etc. Moreover, SISU will also organize students travel to Beijing (free), or the city near to Shanghai such as Suzhou, Hangzhou (paid).

The content of the event will be adjusted according to the actual situation and demand each year, and the campers can participate in the cultural activities organized by Shanghai International Studies University according to their own needs.


3. Exact date

July 16 - 29, 2017


4. The condition for applicants

Formal or private secondary school students, college students or the public are required to meet the following conditions:

(1) have the nationality of the country of residence or permanent residence;

(2) The students of the Confucius Institute at Szeged University who speaks fluent English, can speak some Chinese or have a greater interest in Chinese language learning, and never participated in summer camp projects and Chinese scholarship projects;

(3) the age is between 15 to 30;

(4) good health, suitable for international travel.


Teachers are required to meet the following conditions:

(1) have a teaching experience, preferably with a certain Chinese foundation and fluent in English, the teacher who teach Chinese is preferred;

(2) rich experience in student management;

(3) know Chinese national conditions;

(4) have affinity, sense of responsibility, can actively cooperate with others and help to do a good job of camp management, communication, a higher crisis handling capacity;

(5) healthy, suitable for international travel;

(6) the age is no more than 60 years old .


5. Registration and selection methods

(1) Process: Applicants should submit application information to the Confucius Institute at the University of Szeged. Our Confucius Institute will screen the applicants’ information and then Our Confucius Institute will organize an interview to determine the final participants.

(2) Conditions: Our Confucius Institute will give priority to the Confucius Institute students who are actively involved in the cultural activities of Confucius Institutes, and the students who have certain advantages in language. If you do not continue to learn Chinese in the future, then the opportunity will be selected may be reduced. Once enrolled, will not be able to withdraw from the program.

(3) Application deadline: March 15, 2017


6. Cost

(1)The campers should pay round-trip airfare, international insurance themselves;

(2) During the period in China, the cost of collective accommodation, transportation, and collective activities will be provided by Hanban. However, the individual accommodation, transportation and other expenses borne by the campers should be paid by the campers.


7. common questions

When can we confirm the participation of the applicants for 100%?

April 15th

What is the way to arrange visa?

Visa should be applied by the applicants themselves individually.

Are the students getting an invitation letter?Our Confucius Institute can offer a Recommendation Letter to students if the Letter is necessary for their visa application. Be noted that Acceptance Letter from SISU is a must for students visa application.

When can the applicants buy their air ticket for sure?

After the applicants are approved by Hanban.

Is the air ticket booked by Confucius Institute?

Yes. Considering that there are underage children in the camps, it is recommended that the Confucius Institute collectively book tickets in order to ensure the safety of the participants and to arrange for the airport or hotel pick-up service.

Do the campers have to buy insurance?

Yes. The proof of insurance and emergency contact must be presented to our Confucius Institute.

Do we have restrictions on summer camps?

Yes. Generally the campers is 15 to 20 people, one leader.

Before the departure, will the Confucius Institute hold a briefing session on this project?

Yes. Before the departure, our directors will convene all the camp participants ,then orangize an brief explanation session.

Are the students going to get a certificate of the language course?

Usually no, but this time we can recommend SISU to issue one to the students.

Application Form - 2017 SISU Summer Camp Scholarship

【NOTICE】 Hanban and Shanghai International Studies University reserve the right of final explanation.