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Panda Day at the Zoo


31 May 2015 (Sunday) at Children’s Day a Panda Day is going to be held for kids and adults as well at the Zoo of Szeged by SZTE Confucius Institute.

May 28, 2015

SZTE Confucius Institute joining to the Zoo’s Childen’s Day program series welcomes the kids and adults to participate the programs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The main headquarter of the Institute is the terrace of the Giraffe House. Here everyone is welcomed to participate in different kind of activities such as coloring, puzzle, different kind of quizzes and other games of skill. Guests are encouraged to collect stamps at each stand. Those who have collected all the stamps will be awarded a toy panda as a gift.

In addition, during the whole day, the broadcast of the Chinese Panda TV ( ) will be on air where the everyday life of the pandas can be observed.


At the same time, like many other companies and private persons, SZTE Confucius Institute joins to adopt one of the animals of the Zoo of Szeged. Unsurprisingly, the Institute adopts the red panda.

Moreover, the Institute participates in the Zoo’s lottery at which the Institute offered 2x3 pieces of presents.