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Chinese calligraphy and ink drawing from Zhang Changhong's perspective


From Nov. 20-27 2015, Zhang Changhong, professor at the Shanghai International Studies University came to Szeged to give two interesting lecture to the Hungarian audience.

November 30, 2015


On the 23rd of Nov. from 9am till 12 pm he gave his first lecture „The Art of Chinese Ink-Painting”. His second lecture was at 25th of Nov. „The Art of Chinese Calligraphy, Ink-Painting and Seal Cutting”.

We were really glad the he could accompany us in the Eötvös József High School, where he made the program we held there more spectacular. During the breaks between the classes everybody who was interested in Chinese Calligraphy could try themselves how beautifully and accurately they can draw the different Chinese characters. The professor also showed them the correct way of holding the Chinese brush.