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SZTE Konfuciusz Intézet  --  LANGUAGE EXAM




Date of the next HSK and HSKK language exam:

March 26, 2022 (Saturday)

Venue: Confucius Institute, University of Szeged (6722 Szeged, Mars tér 20. 1st floor)

Application and payment deadline: February 27, 2022


Date of the next YCT language exam:

2022. május 14. (szombat)

Venue: Confucius Institute, University of Szeged (6722 Szeged, Mars tér 20. 1st floor)

Application and payment deadline April 17, 2022


Please note the following when apply:

Please note the email address you used to register and the password you provided there. Enter an email address that you check regularly.

  • After successful registration, you can register for the language exam under the menu item "Test Registration". You must apply for the written and oral language exams separately!
  • You must enter an ID number (ID card or passport) for the data, and the same ID will be required for the exam! Please check the expiration date of the card so that it is valid at the time of the exam!
  • Select “Paper-based Test” when applying. Please make sure that the Confucius Institute of the University of Szeged is the chosen venue!
  • To apply, you must upload a photo ID with a white background. Please note that applications uploading a selfie, party or FB profile picture will be automatically rejected, even if the language exam fee has already been paid! If you are unable to produce such an image at home, we recommend that take a digital ID photo with a white background from a photographer, which will certainly be appropriate. Verify that the information is correct, and then click Save.

  • The exam fee can only be paid by bank transfer. We will send you a fee request for the transfer, please enter your details here: (the information provided will be kept confidential and will be deleted after the fee request has been issued).

  • Please send the proof of payment to the e-mail address (in the subject of the letter, please indicate the name of the candidate and the degree of the language exam).
  • In the Chinese system, the status of salary must be set for the staff of the Institute. Therefore, anyone who does not present the proof of payment within the given deadline will not be able to take the language exam!
  • We are not able to refund the language exam fee afterwards.
  • We can only accept proof of reference where the candidate's name is indicated!

Be sure to bring the following for the exam:

  • printed admission ticket,
  • identity card or passport (with which you applied for the exam),
  • 2B pencil, eraser and sharpener (only use 2B pencil!).

The admission ticket can be printed from after login.

Other information:

  • Participation in language exams is possible according to the current disease control regulations of the University of Szeged, about which the candidates are notified before the exam.
  • The results of the language exams can be viewed on the website one month after the exam. They will arrive at their institute 2 months after the exam, of which we will send a notice to the candidates.
  • The YCT, HSK and HSKK examinations are usually held twice a year in March / May and December, while the BCT exam is held once a year in November. Exam dates from January of that year can be viewed here:

Written exam
Exam fee (Ft) Written exam Exam fee (Ft) Written exam Exam fee (Ft)
HSK 1 5.000 YCT 1 3.000 BCT A. 10.000
6.000 YCT 2
3.000 BCT B. 14.000
7.000 YCT 3

8.000 YCT 4



Oral exam
Exam fee (Ft) Oral exam Exam fee (Ft) Oral exam Exam fee (Ft)
HSKK 1. (alapfok) 6.000 YCT 1. (alapfok) 3.000 BCT oral
HSKK 2. (középfok) 7.000 YCT 2. (középfok) 3.000

HSKK 3. (felsőfok) 8.000