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Free online Chinese tourism training

Turisztikai képzés konfuciusz intézet

The Coordination Center for the Development of Tourism Relations between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and the Budapest Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China (CNTO Budapest) have developed and launched a 4-part online education series on China tourism.

November 10, 2021
The series is recommended for present and prospective tourism professionals – university and college students majoring in tourism, students of China studies – and for anyone interested in Chinese culture, tourism and Sino-Hungarian and Sino-CEE relations.

Applicants can learn about the emergence and development stages of Chinese tourism, the characteristics of Chinese outbound tourism to the CEE region, and the interregional tourism links expected after a pandemic, among other things.

The English-language series can be completed in any order and will be available on the online platform called “teachable” between October 4, 2021 to December 5, 2021. The visual display tools provided by the online space make the gaps in knowledge easy to process and enjoy.

The episodes are 15-18 minutes long, followed by knowledge quizzes. Students with a score of 80% or more will receive an online certificate issued jointly by the China-CEE Tourism Coordination Center and the Budapest Office of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The educational series can be completed free of charge, and is available at: