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Online Panda Days organized by SZTE Confucius Institute


For many years now, we have been hosting hundreds of children on Panda Day, which was organized on the occasion of Children's Day on the terrace of the Giraffe House in the Zoo of Szeged.

July 20, 2020

This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we decided to organize this event online, which lasted for four days. We created an event on the Institute’s official Facebook webpage where we shared some interesting facts about pandas for those interested.

Altogether 10 activities were organized for the four days. During this time, we managed to reach nearly 8,000 people, had 542 page views, and received 154 feedbacks for this event. In addition, the number of separate reactions exceeded 2,500.


Out of the answers to the online quiz, 10 lucky winners received family tickets to the Botanical Garden of Szeged as well as SZTE Confucius Institute panda masks.


The activities were the following:


May 29, 2020:

  1. Online Quiz about pandas
  2. Informative material – 25 facts about pandas- video about pandas
  3. Handicrafts – Origami panda folding


May 30, 2020:

  1. Informative material – Wandering with panda cubs - The Botanical Garden and Zoo of Budapest has been dealing with red cat bears, also known as the little panda since 1990. They managed to breed them in the past, but lately they have had no cubs at all. However, it was in 2012, when they managed to bring together a promising breeding pair in the person of Aurora and Ambrus. Their little cub in the short film was born on June 26, 2016 who was almost three months old at the time of the recording.
  2. Informative material - The first 100 days of the panda twins - The video is condensed into a few minutes to see Mei Lun and Mei Huan, the first 100 days of the life of the panda twins.


May 31, 2020:

  1. Handicraft – Panda paper-cutting
  2. Chinese music – Song about pandas
  3. Informative material – Life of Pandas in the Zoo


June 1, 2020:

  1. Chinese music – Chinese kid song with some physical exercise
  2. Red pandas can also be cute and funny - video