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Confucius Tea House – From the Great Wall of China to the Himalayas


On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 5 pm, Confucius Tea House is organized again together with the Public Café House of Szeged.

September 21, 2020
Venue: Ceremony Hall in the Rector’s Building (Szeged, Dugonics square 13.)

After a long break, we hope to meet you again in person with the efforts to ensure that everyone is aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. By keeping the right distance and using the mask, our guests can be part of a wonderful journey.

The September guest of the Confucius Tea House: Attila Bardócz, Geography teacher, world traveler. The lecture is colored by a slide show.

The main aim of the Confucius Tea House is to get to know and learn more about China by talking over a cup of real Chinese tea in Szeged.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required. Please indicate your intention to participate at the following e-mail address: