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Successful China Day at József Attila High School in Makó!

Kína nap Makó

On 16 January 2015, Friday morning, a China Day was organized at József Attila High School in Makó by SZTE Confucius Institute. The primary aim of the program was to inform the students about Chinese culture, and also, about the possibility of Chinese language learning. During the day, the students were able to taste and make Chinese food, try traditional Chinese clothes and learn to eat with chopsticks.

January 19, 2015


The opening ceremony was preceded by an extraordinary lion dance, which held the audience spellbound. The event was officially opened by Cao Hang Chinese- and Mohr Richárd Hungarian directors of SZTE Confucius Institute, who welcomed the students. The opening speech was followed by a martial arts show.

Sikeres Kína Nap a makói József Attila Gimnáziumban!

During the event, the students could get acquainted with Chinese language by learning some useful expressions, such as greeting: Ni hao! Moreover, they could learn to eat with chopsticks. What is more! Those who could pick the Ping-Pong balls with chopsticks and move from one bowl to the other could win a mug as well. At another stand, students could paint Beijing Opera masks, and also, next to this stand they were able to make Chinese meat balls, which were later cooked and then eaten by the students. At each stand, students could collect stamps to their certificates. Last but not least, the most popular stand was the “dressing corner”, where students could try some traditional Chinese wedding dresses and take a photo. Those who were not brave enough made some selfi posing photos with the Chinese colleagues of the Institute.