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Panda Day great success at Zoo

Pandanap a szegedi vadasparkban

Joining to the program series of the Zoo of Szeged, kids and parents were welcomed by SZTE Confucius Institute on Sunday. The event turned out to be a great success as hundreds of guests joined to the activities.

June 01, 2015

The colleagues of the Institute and volunteers waited for the guests with different kind of activities at the terrace of the Giraffe house. At one of the stand, the participants could do paper-cutting, at the second stand the kids could do colorings, at the third one they could play puzzle and at the forth they were able to fill in a quiz. All those who could accomplish the tasks and confirmed this with four seals could win a panda toy. The panda toy itself was a great success as many visitors were competing to get one. A quiz game was prepared not only for kids, but also for adults. Those present who gave five correct answers could win a mug as well.

Guests could watch the everyday life of pandas broadcasted all day long in the Zoo through the Chinese Panda TV.

Pandanap a szegedi vadasparkban

Mohr Richárd, director of the Institute, said that one of the goals of the Institute is to spread Chinese culture and to this end the Institute tries to do its best to shows up on more events in Szeged. Therefore they took part in the Children’s Day program organized by the Zoo of Szeged. Their aim is to make the Institute known for everyone living in Szeged and to let their aims and offers known to the public – said the director.

On this day, like many other companies and private persons, Confucius Institute joined to adopt one animal from the Zoo of Szeged. Unsurprisingly, the Institute adopted the red panda. The directors of the Institute could receive the certificate of adoption from Veprik Róbert director of the Zoo of Szeged on Sunday afternoon.