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Open day at Bartók Béla member institution of Makó Primary School

Makói Általános Iskola

On 17 January 2015, Saturday 9 a.m., the colleagues of SZTE Confucius Institute and Makó Primray School were happy to welcome the future students of the school with a great variety of games. The children could have a little insight to Chinese culture, while the parents were informed about Chinese language studying.

January 21, 2015


The Open day was opened by Kincses Tímea, director of Makó Primary School. She emphasized the benefits and its strengths of the school in order to help the parents in their decision making when choosing a school. Besides music, the school can offer Chinese language classes as well from September 2014. In order to prove the success of Chinese language studying, the students sang Chinese songs at the opening ceremony with the help of Wu Hongmei Chinese teacher.

Nyílt nap a Makói Általános Iskola Bartók Béla tagintézményben / Open day at Bartók Béla member institution of Makó Primary School  

Cao Hang Chinese- and Mohr Richárd Hungarian director of SZTE Confucius Institute delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. They informed the parents about the possibility of studying Chinese language by emphasizing its great benefits. Mohr Richárd shared his own experience with the audience, according to which, when he started to study Chinese there were only one place in Hungary where Chinese was thought, and that was Budapest. Now it is also possible to study in Makó, too. Within 25 years, Hungary changed a lot, and China, too.

After the opening ceremony, the kids were divided into four groups, in order to visit four different kinds of stands. One out of the four stand was the SZTE Confucius Institute stand. Here the kids could paint, play with jigsaw puzzle, dance and sing Chinese songs, play Chinese football and play with lots of balloons.

The open day was a great success since the kids could get more acquainted with Chinese culture and games. They could discover that Chinese language and culture can be as exciting and funny as games.