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Movie Night on 13 January from 5 p.m. in SZTE Confucius Institute!


On 13 January 2015, guests are kindly invited to join the newest movie night from 5 p.m. organized by SZTE Confucius Institute. This time a Hungarian-Chinese film drama will be introduced.

January 10, 2015

The main character of the story is an estate-agent, named Máté János. He is not enthusiastic about his job, freshly divorced, and last but not least, he has a panic disorder. He is charged with a new job, which is about selling a warehouse as soon as possible. The task is not that easy since the warehouse, which is filled with thousands of parcels, is rented by Chinese. Yu Denbin, also main character, takes not only good care of the warehouse, but also lives there.

A special bond, friendship develops between the two lone men. But, the task of Yu is to avoid selling the warehouse. If he does so, he gets back his passport, which was taken away because of a debt, and would be able to return and start a new life in China. Meanwhile, Máté gets an ultimate from his boss as well: sell the house, or lose his job. So, soonly, the two friends try to sabotage each other’s job. Máté must decide: to become unemployed or to lose a friend by selling the warehouse.

Time: 13 January (Tuesday) 17.00

Venue: Rector’s Office, SZTE Confucius Institute

We welcome everyone to join our next movie night to find out the outcome of this film!