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Discussion on studying opportunities, Chinese students in Szeged


In response to the invitation of SZTE Confucius Institute, the delegation of Chinese Scholarships Council committee visited the University of Szeged. The object of the discussion between the members of the committee and the representatives of University of Szeged was about sending more Chinese students to Europe’s 8th best qualified University City, to Szeged.

December 31, 2014

Mohr Richárd, Hungarian director of Confucius Institute at University of Szeged (SZTE), visited China recently. The Senior Advisor of the Rector on China Affairs had worked in China for 10 years. He was asked at a recently held conference, where students were informed about abroad scholarship opportunities, to use his previous Chinese experiences. This program has also contributed to the preparation to welcome the delegation of the Chinese Ministry of Education in Szeged.


Scholarship students under the wings of Confucius Institute


On 19th December 2014, the representatives of SZTE met with the delegation of Chinese Ministry of Education.

The guests were welcomed by Szabó Gábor, Rector of SZTE. Karsai Krisztina, Vice-Rector for Education Affairs, Martinek Tamás, Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs and Public Relations, and Nagy Katalin, Rector’s Executive Director for Foreign Affairs gave information and responded to several questions.

The China Scholarship Council delegation ( was represented by Zhang Ning, Vice-Secretary General, Li Hong, Director for European Affairs, Yang Xiangyi, Vice-Director for Research and Innovation. In addition, the Diplomat for Educational Affairs at the Chinese Embassy took part in the meeting. The delegation expressed its satisfaction with the work of Confucius Institute at University of Szeged.

“More than 25 000 Chinese students study abroad. This is the approximate number of students at SZTE” – said Professor Nagy Katalin at the meeting.


Discussion on studying opportunities, Chinese students in Szeged - Gallery


The delegation is interested in all faculties of SZTE


Nowadays, more than 90 Chinese students study in Hungary, but the numbers could be increased – said the delegation. According to their point of view, SZTE Confucius Institute is excellently competent in receiving Chinese scholars, and also, it is suitable for treating occurring cultural differences.

Chinese scholars would make great demands on applying graduate and post-graduate courses as well. For this reason, the delegation is interested about all the bachelor, master and doctorate programs as well.

At the moment, 39 Chinese students are studying in 7 faculties (SZTE Faculty of Law, SZTE Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Music) out of 12 at SZTE. 34 of them take part in the bachelor program, 3 in an undivided (5 year) program, 1 in master and 1 student in Phd program. According to Professor Nagy Katalin, most of the students (22) are from the Faculty of Law. After that the second place goes to the Faculty of Economics (9), third is the Faculty of Music (3), forth is the Faculty of Medicine (2), and last but not least, the last place goes to the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Science and Technology (each 1-1).

The University of Szeged and SZTE Confucius Institute is ready to salute 45-50 Chinese scholars.


In English and Hungarian language


Professor Nagy Katalin said “Chinese students would probably be interested in all mayors what SZTE can offer. But, according to my experiences in Switzerland, students might be more interested in trainings which are closely related to health sciences. Besides English language trainings, the head of the delegation expressed a possibility that in the future the students might study the subjects in Hungarian language (after a language training program).”

A future possibility and idea arose during the discussion, which was about that SZTE would take some job of Balassi Institute’s language training program.

The representatives of the Chinese Scholarship Council had a talk with the Ministry of Human Resources as well.


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