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China and the Fellows of Confucius Institute Scholarship

Konfuciusz Teaház

The Confucius Tea House was organized again in 20th October, 2015. At the event the audience had chance to look into the the three former scholarship winner students’ life in China between 2014-2015.

October 22, 2015

Konfuciusz Teaház

Noémi Rengei and Máté Kopasz studied at Beijing Language and Culture University, Vivien Vidéki studied at Shanghai International Studies University. The host of the event was Richárd Mohr, the Hungarian director of the Confucius Institute.

For the first time in the Confucius Tea House events, the organizers raffled two gift packages of the SZTE Confucius Institute among the participants. During the event, the former scholarship winners told us why they are interested in the most populous country in the world, what kind of preparations did they have before moving out to this oriental country. They also told us what kind of problems, opportunities and surprising situation did they face during their year in China.

During the event, the audience had chance to admire the personal photos of the three invited guest about the places they visited and about their Universities.

At the end of the event, the audience also had chance to ask questions from the three former scholarship winners. As always, SZTE Confucius Institute once again provided some tea specialty to the audience.