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Prof. Yang Jianwen: The art of Calligraphy lecture on 10 April


Yang Jianwen is the expert of traditional Chinese art calligraphy.

March 31, 2014

Time: 10 April 2014 (Thursday) 17:30 óra

Venue: SZTE Confucius Institute


During his calligraphy research, he has made a breakthrough discovery. He combines the artistic elements of Chinese and Western arts, and mixes the art style characteristics of post-impressionism and modern flat composition in the shaping of calligraphy style. He insists on the uniqueness of calligraphy, which is filled with his own artistic concepts and classical Chinese poetry - when he jots down some poetry lines.

The lecture is held in Chinese with Hungarian interpretation.

Yang Jianwen is a professor of the Shanghai International Studies University, expert of the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy