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Eastern preparations in a Chinese (!) way


On 22nd March, Saturday, the colleagues of SZTE Confucius Institute were invited by the Creative House of Algyő and also by the Institute’s students in order to participate in the local Egg workshop program, where the teachers could get more acquainted with the Hungarian Eastern customs and traditions.

March 27, 2014

Az eseményen készült képek itt megtekinthetőek.

In addition, they could also try and learn the art of egg painting.

Bereczné Lázár Nóra folk applied art, the director of Egg Workshop at the Gyeviárt Cultural Association Workcircle (Gyeviárt Kulturális Egyesület Alkotókör) gave a short account of the Eastern traditions and customs in Hungary. After the presentation, everybody grab an egg painter tool called “irka” and started to paint and create the most creative eggs with the kind help and direction of egg workshop members. While the eggs were dying in the red-indigo paint, the colleagues of the Institute looked up the Village Hall where they could listen to the excellent performance of Algyő’s zhitera music band.

Finally, after the heeby jeebies, one task remained only: after getting rid of the wax from the beautifully glittering red eggs everybody could hold its own handmade creative and beautiful eggs with Hungarian and of course with Chinese (!) motives.

All of us got back to Szeged with lots of new experiences and of course with loads of Eastern eggs! We are thankful to the Gyeviart Cultural Association, to Bereczné Lázár Nóra folk applied art, to Klatka Eszter and Tünde university students, and also to the members of Egg Workshop for the excellent program and for the friendly welcome!