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The medicine is a piece of art for the Chinese

kínai orvoslás

On 24 March 2016 the latest Confucius Tea House took place at the ceremonial room of the Rector’s Office from17:00.The invited guest was Dr. Gabriella Hegyi research professor and Hungarian expert of the traditional Chinese medicine.

March 31, 2016


kínai orvoslás

In 2005 besides Hungary the professor became University teacher in China as well and she visited that vast country many times. Her daughter even choose a Chinese partner for herself, so she has now a Hungarian-Chinese granddaughter who is fluent in Hungarian.

The host of the event was Richard Mohr, Hungarian director of the Confucius Institute who talked with the professor about the advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine. The professor also explained how the western medicine could use the ancient Chinese wisdoms in the everyday healing. Many people were interested about the event, and professor Hegyi is has answered to many questions from viewers.