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Panda Day at the Szeged Zoo during Children’s Day!

Panda Nap

On May 29, Children’s Day, the Confucius Institute organized Panda Day again, which proved to be a great success, since more than 200 people participated in the activities.

May 31, 2016

Panda Nap

The Chinese and Hungarian coworkers of the Confucius Institute – just like last year – set up their stands near the giraffes. There, they awaited both children and parents with playful tasks. Among these challenges were the assigments to set puzzles, colour pictures, and also both youngsters and grown-ups could fill in quizes about pandas.

At every „station”, after completing a given task, one could receive a stamp that marked their success, and after gathering all stamps participants could receive different prizes, like pens and pencils, mugs, fridge magnets, or key chains resembling a panda. Children enjoyed the excersises, more and more people went to the stands, so plenty of gifts were given away, thus the Confucius Institute made Children’s Day even happier for a few hundred kids.