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Roundtable discussion with SZTE Confucius Institute in 2015


On 16 December 2015, at 4pm directors and teachers were invited to a round table discussion organized by SZTE Confucius Institute.
January 05, 2016


The aim of the meeting was to let the directors and teachers share their experiences, thoughts and problems training about the work of this semester of the year. The event was opened by the two directors of the Confucius Institute, Cao Hang and Mohr Richárd.


The meeting was beneficial for both parties, because not only the Institute could get some feedback from the schools, but they could share their thoughts with each other as well. They shared their plans with each other such as organizing educational competitions among each other, organizing cultural days and different activities where the smaller students can learn Chinese by playing different games. The Hungarian director of the Institute, Richárd Mohr listened to all the suggestions of the school representatives and then presented four copperplates for the newest partners of the Institute.